Goodnight Little City

June 6, 2012
By psulcaite BRONZE, East Hampton, New York
psulcaite BRONZE, East Hampton, New York
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The glass went up
in the centermost area of a quiet city.
I see humanity jumping above, trying
to break free but timorous to get pummeled.
This is not berlin; hush hush.

Mobs want to go beyond
the now water drapped glass.
All i see now are handprints
of the people who want to grasp
my hand close.

Closing my eyes to a soft plucking
of strings and my ink against paper
shall give me good value.
Hush hush.
Goodnight little city.

Wrap me under your dim lights
and your unwelcomed people,
that wish to tear me apart.
The mob isnt always conforting.
more like a smash in the head with a brick.

The author's comments:
This piece is very important to me. i was really stressed out one day, and i noticed that everyone was attacking me with worries, even the people that i didn't want to tell my problem to. only one person really helped me that day and he helped me calm down at night when i needed sleep. i hope that from this poem and some of my other work as well, that they are not alone. there are people out there that are depressed and need someone, and i want them to know that we are all there for them. we cant just give up yet, we need to keep staying strong.

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