The Devil Can't Compare

June 7, 2012
By KiwiY BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
KiwiY BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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I want to talk about hatred
How you start by words,
Turning into sweet little devils,
Burning you deep into h***,
Feels good to burry someone in h***,
But not to be dragged along,

Started by a sunshine,
Ended with a thunderstorm,
How much effort you put into hurting someone,
Just a desperate touch to feel amazing,
A way to get at your emotions,
But not a way to get out of the h*** hole,

You meet the first,
Turning into friends,
And as one little word leaks out,
One turns into a devil,
Breaking its way out of the friendship,
Saying mean,
Throbbing word,
That stab at your heart,
That shoots into your mind,
Every second,
Every movement,

The life drains you out,
You hate the living h*** out of her,
You want to hurt her as bad as she,
Hurt you,
Take the words she said,
Mixing up the words,
Creating your own,
As the devil inside you,
Controls you now,
You smile that smirk,
That gets you nowhere,
It gets you hurt,
But you don’t know,

People watch,
People glare,
You don’t give a d***,
All you care about,
Was the devil inside,

Approaching the enemy,
With hatred,
Compassionate hate,
It brings you to a stumble,
When you’re lost at words,

As she sits there,
Waiting for you to start,
You hesitate,
Looking into her eyes,
Flashback to the times,
When things were as good as heaven,
You stand there and look,

She waits and she waits,
She tells you,
“You’re pathetic”
She turns to walk,
With her new “Best friend”

It wasn’t a thought,
Just a blurt,
“I wish you could see,
You were someone special,
To me,”
You turn,
You walk,
She scoffs,
She stops,
She thinks,

As time moves on,
You wait,
But you lose hope and faith,
Just as you were putting it aside,
She calls,
You pick up,
“I’m sorry”

You smile,
The devil inside you,
Burned back into h***,
By the help of God,
You smile and know,
That even hatred,
Cannot control you,
That even hatred,
Knows the values of God,

The author's comments:
Talks about true friends always being there even through a fight.

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