Dying Friendship

June 2, 2012
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Is it my fault
Or yours? 
You tried to fix it
I didn't want it. 
I changed my mind
And you changed yours. 
I try again. 
Then later you do too. 
I'm on one page
You're on a different book. 
Friends since preschool. 
Destroyed in a moment where I wasn't there. 
I warned you he wasn't right for you. 
That it wouldn't work out. 
My family isn't good for you.
But you said it was fine
That nothing was going on. 
You say you don't blame me
For how it went wrong. 
I see it in your eyes. 
When you see me you see him. 
We both lost. 
I lost family when the relationship ended.
I lost a "lifelong" friend for something I couldn't change. 
You lost family for making wrong choices. 
You gained heartbreak when he betrayed you. 
You lost the sister that I was to you. 
All we're both left with is a dying friendship. 

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