Life is like a Vampire

June 2, 2012
By mjd11452 BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
mjd11452 BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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High-school is a vampire
Sucking life out of you
It invades
Eventually destroying from the inside

It hinders us from our best
Fangs of red ink lurking in every room
Always in pursuit of your soul
It fuses itself with you

You think you control it
But it is just idle
Waiting watching
You can’t adapt to it

You must propel yourself through life
If you don’t it will suspend your dreams
Forever not moving
Watching everyone pass you by without care

You feel chains wrapping around your body
try to fight them
But can’t
try to breath and feel life seeping away

They suffocate
You fight for air
The black cloak of death falling over you

Think about all you have left to do
Need to find the energy to fight
to break the chains
to fight the darkness and start to breath

You start to move
Fighting your way through
You do everything you want to do
Flying towards the light

The burning light
Blinding, surrounding
Engulfing you
It’s Freedom

That is the end
The end of high-school

The author's comments:
I was inspired by my First yerar in high school as a freshman, Scared and lost in my new surroundings

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