June 2, 2012
By dowricht BRONZE, Norwalk, Connecticut
dowricht BRONZE, Norwalk, Connecticut
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The water takes me in, as I dive into the cool aqua
My fingers wrapped around each other in a tight streamline
The buzzing ringing through my ears like a repetitive drum

My strokes long and even
Slipping in and out
Around me it sounds like airplanes flying close to the ground
My hands skim over the top of the water as I come close to the end
I ram my hands on to the touchpad, to insert my time

I cry inside, as I walk out of the pool
The cut was a 31.99
0.53 seconds away
I drag my crocs to where my team is sitting
I don’t want to look at anyone
Whispers of ghosts around me, as they stare with worried faces
My heart is empty, this is the only thing my soul desired
I collapse into my chair, as I drown myself in my tears

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