My second life

June 2, 2012
By Phedorah BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
Phedorah BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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The sky is the only limit, so why stop when you haven't reached the ceiling?

By the river is where I decide if I should leave sooner

Or if later would make it better

But the birds sing to me

That life can't force me to see,

That scars won't shape up who I'll be.

So, into the woods, deeper I walk

And nothing will ever make me stop,

to wonder or talk

to count the stories the trees tell

The time the dew fell

And say the place in which I dwell.

Further in, I lose myself

Drowning in the moving dephts of nature

Where there is no pressure

No gravity what-so-ever

To tell me what to do

And say that my tears aren't true

On the edge of my journey

I take one second out

To make a quick note to myself

Because, around, there's no one else

To remind me

Of what used to be

Of what I came to see

By the river I sit,

On the holy grass I sit

My eyes explore the virginal garden

Where my life was taken and given

For, though I never died

I slowly but surely ressurected

From the place where I was convicted

But the river is where I shall be saved

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