The Mask

June 2, 2012
Her voice broke over the line,

As the same time as my heart,

I could hear the defeated the tone

The sense of overwhelming hopelessness

Begins to stain her positive disposition.

It won’t be easy, and she knows that.

Losing her loved one, having to watch

Her very being slip away like petals of a flower

That can’t handle the wind of suffering and injustice

She’ll wear that brave mask that appears in times

Of despairing events and try to mold it to fit perfectly

On her tanned complexion and large, empathetic eyes.

But I will notice when the plaster starts to crack, when

The material doesn’t sit quite right on her cheekbones.

She’ll be the person that is required of her and smile

For her aunt. Her wonderful, transfixing aunt who

Has accomplished more in life than many.

But when no one is around, when every corner is barren

She will dissolve the strong exterior, and her inner torments

Will be released from her frail being.

And she’ll cry with tears from eternal waterfalls.

Love is a gift, but in a curse as it vanishes from our grip

Into unknown territory against our very will.

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