Volcano Light! A Fire Seeping Into The Streets of The Town

June 6, 2012
By PasoBlanco BRONZE, Port Hope, Other
PasoBlanco BRONZE, Port Hope, Other
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Volcano light, extinction of all
The way the fossils could never talk
I'm the one who rules by call
Falling stars, preaching our laws
The marshes here, trapping air
Before we can breath again

Volcano light,
Why am I the only one broken upon this road?
Volcano light,
Know that I am going to die before I've made a mistake

The lava that burns while I sleep
The explosions; the body parts no longer there
Look at me, a boy who walked pass
Who died and never came back at all

Flames of hell, the ice of God
Why must you be intertwined within glass?

Volcano light,
Speak to me, tell me of the anger of late
Volcano light,
Don't fade, the people's death can never be seized

The magma that burns past the shields of love
Heating up the bed where a job was begun
Eruption beneath the floors that were built
Under the mud and soil and rock

Volcano light, a fire for friends
And I heard they told you I couldn't live
Well follow the plague
A zombie I haven't spoken to, bitten in a place so bright

Leo, a burning lion I couldn't see then
Me before I was named in a God
Volcano, I know we were friends from before
Let them come, cool off and be dormant today

Volcano light
What a mistake

The author's comments:
Inspired by, befitting enough, a column of fire.

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