June 1, 2012
By James Hawkes BRONZE, Spokane, Washington
James Hawkes BRONZE, Spokane, Washington
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Sometimes you like someone
And they don’t like you back
Or do they?
That doesn’t really matter.
Because they make you feel
Loved. Maybe for the first time.
They are gentle and caring
Everything you are longing for.
Yet you can’t help but wonder:
Are they just a friend?
Or could there be something more?
It’s always complicated

Perspective 1:

These questions eat away at you
And the more you think
Uncontrollably, unjustly, even selfishly
Hope begins to creep in and
That hope leaves your stomach in a knot,
Your mind and heart unwilling to communicate,
And still
You won’t listen to yourself.
It feels as if it were meant to be,
But the universe turned against you.
Yet that’s not what happened.
Instead you
You found a way to turn
Something that is the essence of happy

Perspective 2:

Yet in a way it’s really easy.
You want the romance but
The friendship is more durable.
You want the kiss
But the kind words touch your soul
With the same delicateness
You want the love and
You have it.

You have what you need.
And what you want
Is right in front of you.
A relationship won’t fulfill you
But you can count on
A friend.

The author's comments:
This is a situation life has presented to me recently. I think I've found to way to grow as a person.

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