The Life I Never Wanted

June 6, 2012
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This Life is Not Mine
The One I Dreamed Would Come
I wanted Football Games
And the Hall of Fame
Not Lonely Desks
A bedroom Mess
Silver and Gold
Traded For Blue and White
The Pretend Story Of My Life Folds
I Move on, With All My Might
My Last Week Of School
Stuck In A Room With One or Two Other
For acting a Fool
Star Under Cover
I'm The Trouble Maker
Girl With A Lighter
Never Classidfied as A Faker
Always In Suspension
Never Part Of A Normal Crowd
Druggies, Punks, Gangs and Dreams
Never'hv gone to Detention
Never Make my Father Proud
That's what My Life means
Dating Older Guys
One At A Time
Later Having to Choose
Which I'll Call Mine
Each one Is Special,
In His Own Way
My Mind Changes Almost EveryDay.
The one Who's an Air Fighter,
The Boy Who's Always Caught With a Lighter
The One Who Tries To Change
Or The One Who Never Does?
They All Love Me
Or So They Claim
But This Life Isn't Mine
This Is Just A Drain

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