Michael Damon Lovely

May 30, 2012
By Realite Peebles BRONZE, Traverse City, Michigan
Realite Peebles BRONZE, Traverse City, Michigan
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6’2 and skinny with long limbs, lots of muscle
Dark skin
Large eyes the color of a chocolate Hershey’s Bar, he stares with a listening gaze
Big long Lashes that curl up, and get tangled together
Eyebrows thick like big black calapitters
Hair short and dark that grows out to be a thick afro until it is cut
Full long lips with a thin dark mustache lining’
His teeth are perfectly non-crooked and white
He inherits a lot from our mother
Such as his high cheekbones that sit plumply upon his face, and get bigger with a smile

A big heart that’s always binding with everyone
He has always been someone
Standing out not trying to fit in with the crowd
Lives with good intentions, straight edge in fact
No drugs, no alcohol,no sex until he is married
Listens to God, God gives him the gift of being who he is
He is always there when I need him
Through my darkest times he was my shoulder to cry on

He loves Michael Jackson
He has moves that mimic him
Multiple favorite colors but I see him in red a lot
He dresses how he feels no matter what others might say
A big fan of anime, such as Naruto and Dragon Ball Z
Some people might think that those characters are “lame” but it’s no effect on him
He is his own person
People love him for who he is, funny, caring, real, courageous, and always a friend
He is especially popular with the ladies
Only 13 but looks like he is 16
Age could not define him though
Because his personality and features make him seem different than what his real age is
He is a smart and driven person, that can go with the flow

I remember a time when I was crying all alone
My father had just raged at me, once again for something so innocent
I had finally decided to tell my father about my boyfriend
According to him he was too old, but he’s only 19
Being forced to break up with him was too much to handle
So I didn’t, but I felt bad for not listening to him
Except when you love someone it’s not that easy to just leave

With no one to talk to, there he was
He told me
“Do what your heart says because this is always going to be your life to live, make no mistake about it”
I took those words and ran with them, and I always will
My brother
There is no other person for me to trust more
We are together forever
As brother and sister
My brother Michael Damon Lovely

The author's comments:
This piece was written because in my Creative Writing class it was an assignment to do a character sketch. I choose to write about my brother because he is a big part of my life we are very close and I am always with him.

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