Cold Love

May 29, 2012
Darling, all I want is you
From your eyes, so crystal blue
To your hair, wavy locks of gold
But to me you've become so cold
I await the day you recognize
That I'm only for you and you realize
That me without you is corruption
And that all I want is our love
Without interruption
I feel that your not yourself
That your a box locked away without health
You're a mime, showing no emotion
Why dwon't you be yourself, as not to start commotion
Though, I can't leave you, your love is my drug
From every single kiss to every awkward hug
I cherish moments when you show your affection
For then I feel a sense of protection
But, for now, I'll just wait
For our destiny, our fate
For now, I won't leave you
But you're not who I once knew

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