Paint Me Like I Am

May 31, 2012
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Why don’t you paint me,
Like I am?
Giggling, smiling, laughing.
Feeling happy on top of excited on top of loved.
With whispering waves beneath dangling flip flops.

Why don’t you pain me,
Like I am?
Paint me with a pair of twinkling sapphire jewel eyes and knowing smiles.
And loving with that amazing grace.
Paint me with fire or ice, for I am both irritable and calm.
And singing in the shower for no reason at home.
Paint me balancing grades and fun,
And trying to achieve both.
Paint me without a cage containing me.
And don’t set me free when I’m already flying.
Paint me without the bars that bind me.
For I am stronger than that.

Can’t you see it in my eyes?
How some wish they could know who they really are,
Like me?
Paint me like a rainbow, because I am beautiful.
Paint me like a flower, so I can bloom.
Paint me like a star, set forever in the sky.

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