Burning Ice and Freezing Fire

May 31, 2012
By SammySparrow BRONZE, Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania
SammySparrow BRONZE, Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania
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A storm is coming,
the sky is darkening
and rain begins to fall

I hear booms in the distance
followed by eerie claps
wondering is this my call

The wind picks up
I'm swayed side to side
I start to think how I'm going to cope

But then flash and bang
my life's path is set in front of me
in this lowly form, in this daily form, destiny comes as a rope

Stretching to the storm filled horizon, this rope has no end
as I grasp its frayed body, the ground and wind shift
the world pushes against me as I begin to pull

I crossed deserts and walked through valleys
pain tied me to a chair in a winter wonderland
but my burning heart kept me warm and full

No matter the push, no matter the blisters I kept my stride
I kept my stride til fate had kicked in and our paths crossed

In this snowy land, I found you frozen in place
I gazed into your eyes and put my hand on your frost

The covers melt away and you give me a broken and brutal hello
I see your smile and your shiver
as you realize that your frozen heart has become burning ice

From your pale blue skin you draw a breath
you take your rope in hand and start to move
the limbs of stillness push on forward and decided to aspire

As I watch you, I reach for my rope
but I only see white and I get colder and colder
for you have turned my warm core to freezing fire

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