Walking in the Shadow of a Colossus

May 22, 2012
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I found my poem slowly walking down a beach
Toward a massive cave entrance
When the ground started to shake beneath me.
Out came a lumbering giant
A once sleeping beast.

It looked like a bull
Covered in fur
Armor of rocks all over its body

I started to run backwards
Scurrying up my horse
I pulled out a bow
And circled the great beast.

I shot numerous arrows into its back
Looking for a weak point
Then a thought hit me.

Shoot its feet!

I loosed an arrow
It buried into the soft flesh of its foot
It crumpled to its knees
Now was my chance!

Jumping off my horse
I dashed up to it
Climbing its leg.
I just reached its back
Then it started to rise.

I stumbled and fell
Heading towards its head
The beast swaying and shaking
Trying to throw me off.

When I reached its neck
I pulled out a sword.
I lifted it up and it plunged down
Burying the length of the sword in its thick neck.

The beast gave a roar
Toppled to the ground
There it lay
Still as a stone

Now with one down
There were 15 left.
15 mighty colossi

waiting for me in the sacred land.

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