Obituary of my Childhood

May 22, 2012
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The time came to get a job
A real job
No longer able to depend on my parents
All on my own
My childhood didn’t deserve to go so soon
It seemed like just the other day
I was playing in the front yard
With all the other little kids
Because time flew by
And we all grew up
My childhood wasn’t the only one to go
Bobby, Joe, and Jane’s went with it.
It was a tragic ending
Came to an abrupt stop
Although we cherish the memories it brought us
There is nothing we can do to bring it back.
We may live in denial
And act as though it never left
But the truth is inevitable
My childhood is long gone.
August 20, 1993 – June 3, 2012
At only 18 years old
Although you could say
It is the beginning of a new life
It is not my childhood
And I can never get that back.

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