this is....

May 21, 2012
this is all i know, what i am doing right now
This is my safe place not fearing any sounds
this is my get away place where know one can find me
this is were i go to put my past behind me
this is were i share my hid-in lies and pains
this is were i go where people understand
this is were i go when my world is spending to fast
this is where i go to run away from my life
this is were i go when i have no one to turn to
this is were i go when i am nothing more then dirt
this is were i go when i just need a brake from the obstacles that life lays before me becomes to much to face
so please don't judge me about what i write
because this is the only place i feel alright
so ill share with you my twisted and turns
if you take me in like i am one of your own.....
and in the end i ll do the same
so tell me what you feel and tell me your twist and turns
and i promise you ill respect it no matter what you feel
so lets keep this our safe place far away from home were we can be friends all across the glob

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