Forever Grace

May 21, 2012
Forever Green, Forever Blue,
I will stand, right by you,
side by side, hand in hand,
an elegant tale we will send,
as once upon a time we soared,
above the treetops, above the doors,
no pain could tell the tears that fell,
oh how much I miss you now,
the moments we shared have come to an end,
dance with me now, for I shall append,
all wicked thoughts, as now you are,
one of the angels in my heart,
I trust you help me make every move,
you always wanted me on the right road,
so side by side, hand in hand,
we walk along a twisted bend,
I shall never know when you helped me through,
for God has made you an invisible who,
you give me strength in times of need,
you help me smile, when I'm too weak,
those are the moments we know each others their,
and I will sing our elegant tale,
Forever Green, Forever Blue,
Til sweet gone, Til sunrise dew,
I shall stand forever bright,
Your angel blue, Your Graceful knight.

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Harbourview said...
Jun. 6, 2012 at 8:26 pm
Beautiful!!!  Your grandmother will always be your angel and stay beside you through life.
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