May 21, 2012
How can we be men and killing our brother? How can we be kings and killing our own princes??how can we be human and doing animal acts? To many soldiers lost because of animals that were downgraded from a princes to a cold-hearted souls..... Too many guns not enough super men to save these boys from weak mindsets and hateful destruction. Not enough God too many devilish acts...too many devilish acts.. Aren't we tired of the fact that bullets kill,words hurt,and if character is not fulfilled with a destination of betterment we are destined to bring hurt to ourselves and others. Lord take away the pain and replace it with joy..replace the hate with love and the fake with real...whatever that is. Real in heart and not just flesh for you to get wet,become soft and stiffen to enter another. Stay protected because you can trust no one because like Mr.Marley says everyone will hurt you....my question to you in this time and age who is worth suffering for? Maybe it's the man upstairs,maybe its the mother,father,brother,or...human. At the end of the day we all human fighting to show the shoe of our humane side as we walk outside the door. Some show it some don't and that's why you can't trust shoes,they are too accessible so you cant tell who's who? We just have to pray, love will keep us safe and hate will only be our enemy when we are away for eyes not to see. Our mouths tapped by society and hands tied by ignorance developed judgment and we sag our pants to walk duck like looking handicap but if we tap into to the skulls we have to recognize change has to happen and it is no nighttime progress but a daily process. Some might have to confess and let the hurt be blessed with there pain to know there not alone and so there hearts can be sown... after they can probably be flown to the better days and thats all we ask for.

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billionaire said...
Jun. 22, 2012 at 9:44 am
people who view this dont be shy to comment on how you feel! please and thank you.
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