Emotional Strength

May 23, 2012
Dear eyes,
I'm sorry for making you red and puffy for crying for endless hours.
Dear hair,
I'm sorry I'm pulling you as hard as I can when I'm furious.
Dear brain,
I'm sorry for lying to you so many times.
Dear face,
I'm sorry for beating on you when I lose control.
Dear train of thought,
I'm sorry for confusing you so many times.
Dear self-confidence,
I'm sorry for crushing you so many times.
Dear tears,
I'm sorry for letting you linger.
Dear lips,
I'm sorry for making you savor the last kiss. I know your always wanting more.
Dear hands,
I'm sorry theres nobody to hold you.
Dear stomach,
I'm sorry I starve you when I'm depressed.
Last but not least,
I'm sorry heart.
I'm always letting you down.
I'm always getting your hopes up with these guys who promise to stick around, only to the point to crush you again.
I'm sorry for decieving you and deserting you..and also destroying you.

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