Hearing Damage

May 30, 2012
By Anonymous

I’ve asked in a thousand ways,
that you would take my pain away.
When my world is shaking,
My hart falls to pieces.
These creases in my life,
You aren’t going to hold me down.
I can’t take this knife,
I feel like I’m going to drown, in this life of mine.
I hear your tap, tap on the floor,
You just think you’re that hardcore.
The silence between us tells a wild war.
I don’t need you anymore, there’s only that much that I allow for.
As I said before, you’re just a stage door,
Now I’m a prisoner of war.
I live my life in an old soul,
Just taking a stroll.
This life of mine is taking its toll.
The seas around me, rise above me.
Hell is full of fire,
My sanity is at the end of the wire.
I look around my empire,
Cannot control my raising fear,
Nothing is as it appears.
I will play it year by year.
I down my drink; and see you here.
Nothing gone right,
I hold tight,
On this unwanted ride, this hurt is worldwide…
With my continental divide.
There is no far side.
I don’t want to see your face,
I have fallen from grace.
Nothing can replace that blank space.
My life, like a puzzle,
I feel the gun muzzle.
I’m this one voice,
In a sea of pain, this is no campaign.
I spread my wings and fly away,
But I’m already made into sedimentary clay.
Now I’m truly a piece of art,
Just a complex body part.
You play with my mind,
Make me go blind.
I thought we were intertwined,
But not now hun,
It has become undone,
An unearned run.
One by one, the days go by,
Every time I hear a small cry,
I want to fly high in the sky.
Above with the clouds,
Looking down on crowds.
The people I see, look up at me,
I’m headed to the paradise tree.
I never go far from the light and the cars,
Cause it’s really hard to see the stars.
I look down at the scars,
They scare me awake,
But everything here looks fake…

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