May 24, 2012
This day I’ve begun to wonder about the balance
Each day, moment, and emotion of my life are added to one another
Are they not?
And what then, will be the balance?
Neither Heaven nor hell
Lost days at the beach added with the thrill of new shoes
Young birthdays, giving away a heart
Taking one, too
Those seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, wasted recalling
Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, before
Each night when I recall the day that has passed, am I discarding values?
Are those junctures, are they lost?
But this I know
They will add into the equation
Perhaps there’s subtraction, too
But it’s just that adding in disguise
Any moment that’s taken away from you, balances out in the equation
Therefore added
Will these moments not dissipate?
So what will all this amount to?
Will I end where I began?
So much to see around me, will everything blur together?
I am sure that it will
For I’ve seen it with my eyes
But even that thought will be lost in the before/after blur
I’m afraid this life-equation will balance out so cleanly
Each side will be exactly the same
When the answer is a blur, and the equation a blur by the end
What will it amount to?
If every side is equal
I will end where I began.

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