May 24, 2012
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In the eyes of his enemies, he is a tyrant.
In the eyes of his followers, he is a king.
In her eyes, he is just a man.
In her eyes, he is a man like all other men.
Other’s see him as invincible, untouchable,
She see’s through him as if he were a piece of glass.
She could read his face like you could read a book,
It was a craft one learned through time.

In the hearts of his enemies, they hold nothing but hatred for him.
In the hearts of his followers, they hold nothing but admiration for him.
In her heart, she holds nothing but love for him.
She can see who he is, what he wants, and what he needs.
She knows his weaknesses, his flaws, and the man behind the cold mask.
The things that make him weak make her love that much stronger.

People want to destroy him.
People want to adore him.
That is the life of a king.
Being the one who wants to hold him,
That is the life of a queen.
It takes more than courage to make a king.
It takes more than bravery to make a warrior.
It takes more than masculinity to make a man.
And it takes more than desire to create love.

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