Just Me

May 23, 2012
By KitKatDomination SILVER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
KitKatDomination SILVER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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I'm not pretty, that much I know

I sing like a bird, but it's a crow

I'm awkward and extremely nerdy

The voices in my head show me no mercy

I wish for prettier hair

I wish my skin was clear and fair

I bang my head against the wall

And I see the first tear fall

Fighting myself is my greatest task

I use happiness as my mask

I punch the mirror I don't feel the pain

While on my clothes my own blood stains

I cry so much now, my face streaked with tears

My own mind as my biggest fear

I can't take a compliment because I truly believe they are lying

While inside I just keep dying

I'm nothing special, an ugly little girl

Who can't stand to see her own life unfurl

I don't have the right shoes or skirt

And I have no clue how to flirt

I'm not special, I'm not free

I'm just little, stupid old me

The girl who can't cry in front of others

Who can only be loved by her own mother

The girl nobody cares about

The girl who doesn't laugh or shout

I'm not interesting, smart or pretty

Sorry to disappoint, but I'm just me

I wish somebody would stop and see

The girl underneath, the one longing to be free

But for now i'm just sad, ugly, stupid old me

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