The Dragon and the Turtle

May 28, 2012
This couple just might be,
The strangest sight we’ve ever seen,
One breathes fire in the sky,
The other lacks the wings to fly

He grew up in the mountain,
Large, loud, like a fiery fountain,
The dragon roars, scarlet body gleaming,
He’s the product of a child’s dreaming

She’s from a place of blue and green,
That’s calmer than the world he’s seen,
The turtle pads along, slow yet sweet,
His golden eyes meet hers, consumed in heat

Through the murky depths she’ll fight,
To the surface where he waits in light,
Unusually anxious these two hearts are,
With the distance between them so very far

Closer she swims by the brightening days,
While his claws are lapping at the waves,
She speeds up her flight with one last lurch,
And he stirs from where he’s hovering at his perch

Finally, her mouth parts light a cry,
To gasp the salty air in one big sigh,
But landing in his powerful clutch,
His great head bends…and their noses touch
(May 4, 2012)

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