Hidden Door

May 23, 2012
By Koralinya GOLD, Antimony, Utah
Koralinya GOLD, Antimony, Utah
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A Hidden Door,
Tho' I know it's there
Is kept forever shut
From my wanting mind.

What does it hide?
A spell? A secret?
Memories from the past,
not meant to be seen>

Why does it hide
Things I want to
Are they that bad?

I've wanted answers to.
Forgotten Realms,
I've wanted opened.

Why can I see,
The few things
That mean nothing?
I want my past revealed.

Show me,
What I'm not
Meant to see
I want to know

Bring me out
Of my
Unknowing mind.
Give me Truth

And tho' it hurts,
I'm not afraid.
Light is better,
Than living in darkness.

Don't hide the truth
Open the door,
that hides memories.

A Hidden Door
Cannot hide
That I know.

I'll open the
Hidden Door

The author's comments:
The main thing that really inspired me to write this piece is, mainly, because of my lack of childhood memories. My earliest memories are from my eighth birthday, when I received a baby doll. Usually, most people can remember from when they were four. My own sister remembers from when she was two or three. I do, of course, have pictures, but I don't remember anything about them.

You see, I was born to parents who didn't know how to take care of five children. I was the oldest of those five, and - other than my little (and only) brother - am the only one who doesn't remember a lot of the life we lived there.

All I'm hoping that people will get from it is to hold onto and cherish the memories they have.

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