May 21, 2012
By Hybredded BRONZE, Indio, California
Hybredded BRONZE, Indio, California
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Favorite Quote:
If I kill your son, you kill mine,
Would you say both wrongs made us even?

As the days lead on
The sun rises and falls,
Lives born and lives lost,
Metal rots away in abandoned buildings,
Trying to stay strong even when tossed aside
But all they can do is remember the times

Strolling into the future with the past hand in hand
Because your memories will warm you when that sun sets
They will make you smile even when you're about to cry,
Even remembering the bad makes you strong
Reminding you that you're better off then you were yesterday

You are wiser today then yesterday,
You'll be younger today then tomorrow ,
And today, you are older than ever,
So when time starts to rot you away
You will have those cherished memories

And like those abandoned buildings,
You will try and stay strong even when time forgets you,
Even when you begin to die.. Those memories will warm you
And when your last breath leaves you...
You can say you lived.

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