You Never knew, but you should have

May 21, 2012
By Brokengirl07 PLATINUM, Roy, Utah
Brokengirl07 PLATINUM, Roy, Utah
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I heard you say it was time
Hey are you listening this is my goodbye
But no one should take their own life
Think about the people you'll leave behind
Only to pick up the broken pieces
Once called a life

Didn't you know
What you meant to me
How could you do this to me
Ohh didn't you see
You were never alone
You always had me
I guess it just wasn't enough

A new day but I still feel the same
I think I should see you
But all that's there is such empty air
Why did you leave
How could you just abandon me
You said friends until the very end
I guess that comes sooner then I read

You had it all
Everything right where you wanted it
I didn't see a need for this

The author's comments:
There's been so much loss around me lately and I just got so tired of it, I needed an escape to let my feelings go and feel better. Zack I'll miss you, and for every other person who thought this was best, Just know you will be missed.

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