Return to the Sea

May 22, 2012
By mikamika94 GOLD, Marshall, Virginia
mikamika94 GOLD, Marshall, Virginia
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"But now I'm told that this is life and pain is just a simple compromise to get what we want out of it." ~ Paramore ,"Misguided Ghosts

I wonder if
You remember

Where to find me;
In my sea of dreams
No longer hidden away
amongst the gardens
Although still sharing my
Secrets with my dreams
Letting them envelop me
And convincing me to sleep.
The difference
Between once upon a time in my sea
Is that I'm standing
In the ruin of "once was & used to be's";

Of the castle of my heart.
The drumbeat has yet to start...
War is raging in all its

Tremendous, hideous beauty
Battles fought

but neither completely

For me nor Against me.
Drowning, collapsing
In a once decadent, alluring landscape
Tearing me apart
Piece by shattered, little piece...
But the Sea of Dreams
Will be rebuilt, reconstructed
With no guilt
And you'll find me there
In my sea,
Opening my eyes in my gardens

My dreams taking over me.

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