May 22, 2012
By DarknessAbides BRONZE, Cordova, Alabama
DarknessAbides BRONZE, Cordova, Alabama
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Watching your home
Being torn apart
Of the end
To a tragic tale

The icy fear
That grips your heart
When the fate
Of those you love
Hangs in balance

An insurmountable force
Racing over the land
Leaving destruction
In its wake

Once over
And the declaration
Of safety rings out
You uncover what is left

Homes ripped apart
And off their foundation
Lives uprooted

Photos and videos
Shown on the news
The description
Remains inadequate

The destruction
No words
Or pictures
Can describe

The pain felt in every
Heart and home
Neighbors reach out
And lend a hand

Written on pieces
Of what was once a home,
Are messages of hope
In God

Being made
From this disaster

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem after the series of tornadoes that struck the southeast. This disaster affected me greatly. People not far from where I live lost their homes and their lives.

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