The Snake

May 22, 2012
By brooklyn667 BRONZE, Uxbridge, Massachusetts
brooklyn667 BRONZE, Uxbridge, Massachusetts
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"A great artist is always before his time or behind it."
--George Edward Moore

Creeping, silent
Stealthy, still
Going in
For the kill
Lofty, crafty
The tricky snake
Slithers toward its unsuspecting prey
Dangerous, unruly
Wild, uncontrolled
It will do anything
To reach its goal
Two-faced, cunning
Loathsome, sly
Will not let this opportunity
Pass it by
Wicked, greedy
Impulsive, rash
The serpent snatches its victim
Its target takes a last breath
But the snake doesn’t know
That the mouthful
Is its downfall
It chokes on its greed
Its own recklessness its demise
What the snake failed to see
Was the poison red hide

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