keep your eye on the ball

May 23, 2012
By Tommy Reynolds BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
Tommy Reynolds BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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6-year-old Billy gathers all 56 pounds of himself
Zips up his shoes stands up straight and stomps through the door to go outside
And play in the lovely-
Bright, shinny sun
Him and his dad go outside every day in the summer
They play baseball in the driveway to practice for park district baseball
His dad throws the ball Billy winds back closes his eyes and swing but misses by a mile

Again his dad throws the ball
Just as he throws it
The ice cream truck turns the corner
Billy turns his head
His dad yells out
The baseball hits him right in the mouth
Billy looks down and sees his tooth laying there on the hard concrete

1904 the first ice cream cone is invented

Billy grabs his tooth off the ground and runs back into the house
Crying and screaming for his mom
His mom runs down the stairs
And sees her son at the bottom bleeding out of his mouth

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