"Me" Poem

May 19, 2012
By AllenStovall PLATINUM, Port Lavaca, Texas
AllenStovall PLATINUM, Port Lavaca, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"two things are infinate, the universe and human stupidity, and im still not sure about the universe"
albert einstein

Writer, reader, Pessimist, Optimist, Individual
Sibling of Eight; Four brothers, Four Sisters
Lover of Literature, Life, and Laziness
Who fells screaming to the sky is okay, 70’s dance parties are the way to go, and expressing myself is best done with friends
Who needs to stop procrastinating, more books to read, and to have a bit more courage
Who gives opinions, thoughts, and theories
Who fears the unknown, knowing too much, and most of all spiders
Who would like to see an honest government, the Emerald Isle, and a published book written by me
Resident of my imagination

The author's comments:
This was an English assignment were the whole poem was your name kinda sorta and each line was part of the criteria. after looking at what I had written I had decided to post it.

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