May 17, 2012
By Anonymous

As long as she’s alive
She will rule all.
She can make cement crumble,
Like Gorbachev and his wall.
She can segregate a nation,
Like when the twins took a fall.
She’ll take candy from a baby
And laugh as it bawls.

She lives with a fist.
A fist that never breaks.
A fist that doesn’t borrow,
A fist that just takes.
A fist made of iron,
In a world made of glass.
Trying to change the future,
While shattering the past.

Ruining the lives,
Of oh so many souls.
Swiping children’s presents
And replacing them with coals.
Colas still aflame.
But there is no one else to blame,
Except that evil woman
Who is driving me insane.

I say her name in vain,
With sorrow,
And with pain.
Trying to find a balance
Between love and pure shame.
Between life and a game.
The realest game of all.
Getting closer to the end,
Toward the light we all crawl.

But let’s think of all the others,
Those who are tired and sick.
Those who want to capture her,
And place her on a stick,
Over an open fire,
And burn her to a crisp.
Then feed her to a bear,
Until nothing else is there.

I want to see hear tears,
Her troubles,
And her fears.
I want to see her weep,
For what she did over the years.
I want to see her weep,
For being the monster beneath my bed,
Then giving me a “swirly”,
For hitting her in the head.

I want to see her weep,
For all the times she was asleep,
And all chances that I had,
To make her count her last sheep.
But instead I just stood there
Recollecting the past.
And that’s when I decided
I would let her soul pass.

The author's comments:
This is straight from the heart, Though it is not directly about any specific person.

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