Maternity Clothes

May 17, 2012
By Preggo21 BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
Preggo21 BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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Looking in the dark disappointing closet,
Not knowing what to wear.
Picking up the purple striped shirt,
With the synched and fitted sides

Glancing aimlessly in the mirror,
Seeing the biggest belly I’ve ever seen.
Pulling the stripes firmly over,
My little big gift that was chosen just for me.

Finally, glancing at my thighs,
Knowing that size five just won’t do.
Bleakly tilting my head down,
With an insignificant sense of satisfaction

Reaching in again and again,
Not being able to discover my size.
The love of my life, my baby girl’s father,
Slowly stumbles in, to save the day.

Tossing me the perfect pair of jeans,
Now with a large smile upon my face,
One leg goes in after another,
Fitting perfectly upon my, now, larger thighs,

I slip them on and pull them up
And stretch the elastic up and over,
Securing my protruding gift,
Keeping her tightly positioned in place

Finally, the perfect shirt,
Finally, the perfect pair of jeans,
Finally, I feel like a perfect ten,
Finally, I see my swollen feet,

As I sit on my bed and begin to cry,
I gradually lower my head.
Further and further down it goes,
As he sits down beside me once more,

He lifts my head, and looking at him
He reminds me once more
In his soft and comforting voice
“She is going to be beautiful, just like you”

The author's comments:
Im 8 months pregnant and this was something that was really easy for me to write about!


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