Third-Sequence Free Fall

May 15, 2012
It’s happening again
Third time’s a charm
And this charm follows me
Dripping off the walls
Sprinkled in my food
It meets me in the road
Litters my house
Trespassing my mind

Of course this is not what I want
Who likes fighting wars?
I’m the one who mistakes tessen for simple fans
I’m the kind that runs into the knife.
And once the first bullet is shot
I can assure you, there is always, always a second

Those against me tend to have good aim
Throwing unforgiving daggers
Straight into my heart
Cutting open scars
Like children cut paper
Like paper cuts skin
Like we pretend cuts don't hurt
And then I place my paper body on the shore
Bass passing over me in waves
Carefully calculating every move
And for the third time
I fall

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