The Hardest Part

May 17, 2012
By brann SILVER, Albuquerque, New Mexico
brann SILVER, Albuquerque, New Mexico
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And the most heart breaking thing is to know you chose him over me...
I remember sitting there, when you told me you loved him
But I could never understand because sometimes you'd say that you hate him
So I painted him in my mind as this big awful monster
When in reality he's just another guy, a normal human being
But I was only seeing, the bad
You see, my jealousy has me blind and rageful
Everytime I see you together, it's just too painful
I look at you, and I smile. I look at him, and I cry
I wish I was him, I wish I was the one you were happy with...
But I'm not, and for that I continue to ask God why? Why? Why? Why why why?
I got caught up in this situation and I tried to push through
And yeah, I can lie, keep saying, "I'm over you"
I can even pretend to be happy with the way things are
If I revealed my heart to you, you could feel my scars
See, hiding is the easy part, pretending now that's the easy part
But you can't forget, you can't just erase the actual truth that's in your heart
So even if I do go out and eventhough I am happy
It kills me, to know you always chose him over me

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