The Nightmare Before Christmas

May 17, 2012
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Twas the nightmare before Christmas,
The cold’s in your bones
You shiver and quiver, and feel so alone.
You had a bad dream, all full of fright.
In the night it’s so dark, so you turn on the light.
You for a moment, eyes wide awake.
Your head is pounding, it’s likely to break.
You get out of bed, but you hear a thump!
You don’t make a sound, not even a grunt!
Now dear think! There are options to be had
This could be Santa, or your neighbor gone mad.
So you sneak down the stairs, for two reasons why:
To see who it is, and fight to survive.
As you creep down the steps, you hear an odd noise
It sounds like a child, delighted with toys.
He says “Just what I’ve always wanted!”
Your brother’s armed with a knife, his eyes look haunted.
With a grin on his lips and blood on his breath
You scream and you run, no time to rest!
You close the locked door, not to his dismay.
He bashes and kicks that door right away!
When he kicks the wood in, he gives you a grin.
You heart beats faster; you know you’re done in.
He raises his knife, high in his hand
“Goodbye!” He cries. “Christmas be d***ed!”
You open your eyes and you want to scream.
But then you realize it was just a dream
Twas the nightmare before Christmas, and now you’re awake.
You hop from your bed, to see the morning snowflakes

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