stressed, tired, me

April 30, 2012
By morganelmo BRONZE, Springboro, Ohio
morganelmo BRONZE, Springboro, Ohio
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Stressed, Tired, Me.
Morgan Elmore
Everyday is filled,
Filled with stress and work,
From school to sports,
I practice, play, and think.
My friends, they have time,
But me I’m always busy.
I don’t want to let anyone down,
But somehow I always do.
I worry and worry,
Trying to get everything done fairly well.
On somethings, I go to fast on and they don’t reflect what I can accomplish.
I don’t reach my full potential.
I always want to impress and succeed,
When I don’t I’m ashamed and embarrassed.
I need to be the best,
The one to be compared too,
I need to be a perfect me.

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