Baby Gary

April 30, 2012
I was sad,
I was mad,
I didn’t get to know him.

He was having a grand mall seizure,
No time for leisure,
Everyone was in panic.

7 o’clock a.m,
Freaked out,
Sad that the night of his second birthday,
His soul was set free.

He was two,
I was three,
It was like a knife stabbing me,
He didn’t even get to know his family.

If he was still here today,
I would be proud,
We wouldn’t have tears falling
Every year at the cemetery.

The chubbiest kid to have a grand mall,
The cutest kid to lose it all.

“One night while I was sleeping Mommy,
My son’s voice I did hear,
I got up and looked around but he did not appear,
He said listen to me, Mommy,
You have got to understand
God did not take be from you, Mommy,
He only took my hand.”

This is on the gravestone of a favorite little cousin,
Who got reached for by god’s hand.

If he were still here today,
I know that he would be
My most favorite cousin
In the whole family.

A little farmer’s boy,
Who raised pigs with me,

But god called him up to watch over the family

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