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April 28, 2012
By OreoFang SILVER, Summerfiled, Florida
OreoFang SILVER, Summerfiled, Florida
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"Live the dream you've dreamed to live"

Don't you know hate is a form of jealousy
Well I guess misery needs its company
You're not alone,just take a look around
Fear and phobias gone,you're safe and sound
Wear the shell of age,cradle in lullabies inside
Woe is trying to dim your allowing light
All you need is a remember wipe for beauty
Its right below the surface of insecurity
let yourself go and get scars of remarks
before someone shatters your porcelein sheild in the dark
Burn your own mask,pierce your own veil.
Towers are tumbling,your cradles about to fail
Run,run,run away and escape the depris
Its time of all your "sorry"s
For pushing me down and in your way
so you'll be out of reach and safe until day.
Demons of night are now just shooting stars
Changing and running away since you broke out of jars
Enough hidden light illuminated the moon to burn
Stars expanded into clouds,the surface of night turn
Turns into your fairytale
Instead of your nightmare
Keep your shattered shell as a souvenir
And the memory of smoke in the air
From burning down your miserable playground
That's now remains of ash all around

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