I Am...

April 27, 2012
I am a pencil scribbling down all details,
a stereo blaring out secrets in lyric form.
I am a leaf whispering words never heard.

I am one who overcomes
yet continues to relive.
Memories play in my head like a playlist.

I am Alice lost in Wonderland.
Ridinghood making friends with the wolf.

I am the hater and longer of love.
I wear my heart on my sleeve
giving pieces away.
Pieces are spread all over the country
all because I am desperate to be loved.

I am flip-flops with a skimpy black dress,
care free and high maintenance.

I am sarcasm and sparkles rolled into a ball
like yarn the tabby cat rolled around your house,
wild and free of all constraints.

I am millions and billions of tiny pieces,
a broken plate being glued back together.

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