April 30, 2012
By UnwrittenDead GOLD, Durant, Oklahoma
UnwrittenDead GOLD, Durant, Oklahoma
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Is the pain, the agony, not enough?

There is nothing else, it doesn't add up.

My heart ached for years,

I shed all your tears.

Yet is there something more that you need?

Do you want my poor, trembling body to bleed?

Is there anything here now,

that could have enough power?

I cannot die anymore now, I am dead.

Isn't this enough to soothe your aching head?

Can you not see,

what you have done to me?

Is there nothing else that could bring you a smile,

than torturing a broken and helpless child?

Will there ever be a day,

that you will turn away?

Will you ever see what your own hands have done,

will you ever want your atonement to come?

There cannot be anything else,

there is nothing left to be felt.

Can i not go to be free with the air,

or at least die where i am wanted there?

What more do you see,

that you can take from me?

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