Am I Alive or Am I Dead?

April 30, 2012
No, this isn’t going to be my life story. I haven’t lived half of my life yet, though it feels like I did. I just want people to understand my pain, to realize that I cannot be myself ever again. I want…to be my own person once again…not the puppet that this dark abyss is making me become, always doing things that aren’t normal…always being pulled by the strings that are wrapped around me…

My life is not my own anymore…I am not human anymore…I am…nothing…just a shadow, a faded and broken memory…there is nothing for me here anymore. Every movement I make, it is not my own, it is the Darkness that claims me as it own…the Darkness has made me a puppet to the living…I am the vessel that it will soon fill…I cannot break free anymore…

I am marked by the night, by the darkness and evil of this world…the light can never touch me again…unless someone can cut these strings that bind me to my fate…to the fate of eternal darkness

Am I alive? Am I dead? Am I in-between? Am I…Immortal?

Can I find happiness again or am I destined to walk this planet as a broken and forgotten being? The Darkness and Light fight for my soul…but the Darkness has already won…and I cannot go back to the past to fix everything that has happened

Am I Alive? Am I Dead? Am I In-Between? Am I Immortal?

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