You Can't Control It

May 13, 2012
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It’s hard to describe the beauty of this mystical Place. It’s an entire civilization nestled into a tiny space; not enough room to breathe but feeling completely free. Where you can wave your arms and have plenty of space, Or reach up and touch the sky. Contrary to the majority of places in the world, humans don’t rule the decisions here. Where to place your house is not an idea that belongs to you. Instead, you must ask permission from the nature. Here, the mountain decides the rules. Where you can place your house, where you can place your Spirit. Will you stay at the bottom, entranced In the beauty of the sea? Or will you look up high, see the peak of the mountain, and will your heart To take you there? Will you walk those miles to stand on that very peak, look out And Not understand the entrancing beauty below you, above you, surrounding you, and simply throw caution to the wind, and trust the mountain to know when to hold you up, Or when you let you fly?

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