May 13, 2012
By ColoredPencils BRONZE, Franklin, Tennessee
ColoredPencils BRONZE, Franklin, Tennessee
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There once was a girl,

Who chased butterflies

And thought they were pretty little things

That would always stay the same

There once was a girl,

Who got a butterfly garden for her fifth birthday

And cried when she saw the caterpillars because she thought they were ugly

But she waited and eventually, the caterpillars grew into butterflies

Unfortunately, she didn’t see the science behind them

And thought they got there because of the Butterfly Fairy

“You’ll understand when you’re older”, is what her mother always said

There once was a girl,

Who met her best friend on the first day of third grade

They found a bird with a broken wing

And nursed it back to health

They both cried when it flew away

And made a promise to each other,

To never become a bird

Because as far as they were concerned,

Birds were liars,

Who flew away and forgot everyone they left behind

There once was a girl,

Who learned about the ocean and became fascinated

With its dark blue waters

And brightly colored fish

She imagined otters swimming

And sharks, always moving and never stopping or looking back

She loved the ocean so much,

That for a while she forgot all about


There one was a girl,

Who had a friend that broke her promise

And moved away

And became a bird

There once was a girl,

Who made forts out of sheets in the backyard,

And would watch the bugs crawl on the ground

Until her mother called her in for dinner

There once was a girl,

Who won art shows,

Read books,

Had tea parties,

Made mistakes,

And learned a thing or two in the process,

And believed fairy tales were real

But sadly she grew up,

And put away her childish things

And even though she looks tough,

She still cries at Disney movies

But no one ever really grows up

And no one ever really stops growing

Which is why every time she sees a butterfly

She sees a little girl chasing after it.

The author's comments:
Poem about growing up

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