Give Us a Chance

May 12, 2012
By scholargirl13 BRONZE, South Euclid, Ohio
scholargirl13 BRONZE, South Euclid, Ohio
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I'm not where I could be but at least I'm not where I used to be.

As I sit watching you, move about and live your life, I realized something. You’re not thinking about me. “Was it my hair, my shoes, my clothes, my personality?” Or am I just not pretty? I’m trying to love you but you keep pushing me away. I constantly think “did he ever want me to stay?” How can you hurt the one you supposedly love? Easy. Don’t love them back. But it should not that easy. That will cause hurt and pain but if it’s true then there will be love to come. People are attracted to the ones who hurt them the most. Is that why I’m still here when I could’ve gone ghost? I don’t want to love you. As a matter of fact, I hate that I do. “Why are you still here?” Because my love is true. True love and faith takes the hold of any heart that is filled with hate. So hate me if you want to but don’t hate on us. Give us a chance. While you’re sitting there hating, we could have a bad romance that could take us into our last dance… together.

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