A Description of Lips

May 12, 2012
My lips are brown
They are thick
They are chapped
At times...
Applied to them is Vaseline

My lips show expression
From them I say things like
"I love you"
They might ask
"Do you too?"

Your lips are two toned
The top is brown
On the inside is a hot pink
I think it's because that your lips
Are thicker than mine
But they never chap....

Your lips show expression
From them you say things like
"I love you"
But they never ask
"Do you too?"
I think it's
Because you know I do

I will always remember
When our lips showed expression
Both sets soft
Yet both sets so passionate
And powerful

I study your lips
All day
I think it's because
I don't want to forget
The description
Of both of our first kissed lips

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