Love is Me and You

May 12, 2012
By scholargirl13 BRONZE, South Euclid, Ohio
scholargirl13 BRONZE, South Euclid, Ohio
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I'm not where I could be but at least I'm not where I used to be.

What is love? Is it the thing that makes you go to extremes for somebody? Or is it the thing that can tear your life apart? How do you know love is real? Is it when you can't sleep until you tell that person good night and you love them? Is it when you find yourself spending your last to go see them just to make your day? Is love when you call me and we stay on the phone until 4 in the morning or is it when I had to experience the worst time in my life with the only person who cared to comfort me? Love should be me making you happy and you returning the favor. Love doesn't have to be us lying in bed; it should be us being in each other's presence and being satisfied with just seeing each other’s beautiful faces. Love is when you feel like life is priceless and your future is long. Me and you living in a home spending our last together. Love is being able to scream to the world that I'm your one and only and your mine. Love is when no obstacle can tear us apart but make us stronger. It is when you can do things you've never done and be happy with every risk and decision. And correct me if I'm wrong but love is me and you.

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Inspired by my mom, dedicated to my future husband and my very best friend. I love you both.

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