My Master

May 12, 2012
By , Dakota County Area, MN
I live in a place no one dares to visit,
The walls are smeared with blood and gouges so livid.
I write all my failures on the ceiling so I can remind myself,

That I am worthless, and forever will be, even in death.
Oh I'll show them, I'll show them good!
They should have respected me when they could!

I love these beatings they give me, it's so sick,
As my hope dwindles as the flame slowly fades on the wick.
I was taught from birth that I was a tool for people to use,

I am Mankind's imperfection muse....
Cut lines in my skin and watch me bleed,
While I'm held in chains, people screaming "You'll never be free!"

Shivering from fright alone in my dark room,
The monsters crawling on me, and this isn't even my fatal doom.
I'm a slave with no master, no reason to live,

It's all I've known since I was a kid.....
At least Master kept me save and pretending to love,
Then I knew my place, me below and her above.

Now I'm lost without someone to serve and follow,
Now I'm just alone, scared and left to wallow.
Where did my Master, oh my devious Master, run off to?

My heart and soul is hers, I can never get it back, nor get new.
Oh Master, why did you throw me away?

Without a heart to keep me alive how will I survive another day?
Whip marks run down my back like scratches,

And burns all over my chest from hot matches.
Oh I need my abusive master!

The one who told me she loved me faster and faster,
And beat me when she thought I stole the key.

The key to my chains that keep me here,
Defenseless against her deadly leer.
I just want to go home and sleep,

Then stay there, in a land you can't escape, a coma too deep.

Oh where did my Master go?
And why'd she leave me here, naked, defenseless in this grove?

I'll show them, oh yes I will,
That a new Master will love, even if I fall ill.
A Master will love me and keep me warm,

Even if they scream at me like a storm.

Then maybe the beatings will stop and the wounds will heal,
And again my numb heart will be able to feel.

I'll prove I'm not a worthless f** to them, oh yes I will,

Even if I must remake myself and the old me must be killed.

Oh Master won't you love me and save me from myself?
No! NO! Not the belt! Please, not the belt!

I'll be good, I swear, I will!
Master, Master! Love me! My lips will stay still!

Love me, I beg, even when I'm bones and ash,
If you love me then I'll take any lashings!

Beat me till I'm blue and cold,
As long as you love me, Master, I'll never grow old.

Carve your name over my heart,
That way we'll never be apart!
Break all my limbs and cherish my screams,

Because, Master, I'm another wooden beam.
Abuse me until I collapse, then kick me on a fire,

Hurt me until you are dreadfully tired.
I'll still love you, Master, you see.
I want this. I don't want to be free.

On my sadistic Master, hold me while I bleed and bruise,
None of this abuse is anything new.

Oh my loving, loving Master, kept me at your side,
I'll still love you, even if your words are all lies.

Without a Master I can be abused by anyone who wishes to,
Oh, and abuse me they do...

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